Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sea Kayaking from downtown San Francisco

San Francisco is a fun city to visit with great food and beautiful nature close at hand. I highly recommend hiking from the Golden Gate Bridge to Land's End  as you can check out some beautiful trees, walk down to beautiful beach after beautiful beach, and maybe have the pleasure of seeing some whales from the cliffs (as I had the pleasure of doing).

All of that beautiful ocean water made me want to do one thing and one thing only... you guessed it: go sea kayaking!!!

If you are just in the city for a day or two and want to gain easy access to a boat, head to City Kayak at South Beach Harbor! Their website has a handy dandy guide of how to get to their location at Pier 40 by public transit:

Now San Francisco is known for its rough waters, but beginners can paddle through the harbor and a series of canals by the Giants Baseball Stadium. City Kayaks also offers classes.

During a short visit to the city, I rented kayaks twice and had a great time.
NB: If you want to rent kayaks, you have to take a quick written test (with the exception of sit-on-top kayaks).

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