Kayaking the World is a blog about some of my kayak adventures. I try to kayak anywhere I travel, however sometimes information about paddling can be really hard to find.

In planning my own adventures I love to utilize blog posts of other paddlers when they are available. Since I do a lot of kayak trips, I've decided to share some of my experiences, as well, in order to help out other paddlers. This blog will only be updated after I come back from trips. 

About Me: 
Alex Ketchum is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her work integrates, food, environmental, and gender history. She has a MA in History and Women and Gender Studies also from McGill University and a Honors BA in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Wesleyan University. At McGill University, she teaches in the Women's Studies Program.

Alex has kayaked all over in the world. She has paddled in Korea, Australia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Quebec, New Brunswick, Alaska, Hawaii,  California (her home state), and more! She also helps instruct rolling clinics for white water kayaking. 

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